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......@@ -11,8 +11,10 @@ This is a list of companies providing (network) hardware and connectivity servic
|<img src="img/logos/flexoptix.jpeg" alt="Flexoptix GmbH" width="285" height="65"/>| Optical Network Equipment|
|<img src="img/logos/GEC_Logo_4C.png" alt="German Edge Cloud" width="75" height="100"/>|Network Equipment & Server|
|<img src="img/logos/Hetzner_Logo.png" alt="Hetzner Online GmbH" width="150" height="45"/>|Server|
|<img src="img/logos/iphh.png" alt="IPHH" width="75" height="75" />|Rackspace & Uplink|
|<img src="img/logos/myLoc.png" alt="myLoc managed IT AG" width="150" height="65"/>|Colocation|
|<img src="img/logos/nitrado.png" alt="marbis GmbH" width="110" height="70"/>|Network Equipment|
|<img src="img/logos/sys11.png" alt="sys11" width="155" height="65" />|Hardware|
|<img src="img/logos/WOBCOM.png" alt="WOBCOM GmbH" width="150" height="65"/>|Server, Housing & Transit|
## World
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