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      render text into svg paths; no fonts in svg · c5373097
      stuebinm authored
      this uses opentype.js to parse the fonts and render the given text into
      svg paths. Since the svg no longer has to include both fonts in their
      entirety, the resulting file sizes are much smaller (~44KB instead of 6.5MB)
      Most obvious downside: the output is somewhat fragile to changes in the
      template: since we can't let svg automatically center a path, the
      text has to be centered by hand, which depends on the width of the svg.
      It might be possible to extract that from the svg, but I don't know how,
      so instead it's just a hardcoded value.
      Also one caveat: opentype.js doesn't have a fallback font in case glyphs
      are missing. Since Genos doesn't seem to include any japanese
      characters, this currently leads boxes in the main header … (before, we at
      least had the pixelated versions).
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      Fixup img to svg change · 13400306
      tilcreator authored
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      Add more accent colors · 927904f7
      tilcreator authored
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      Merge branch 'mutable-svg' into 'master' · 3b379da0
      TilCreator authored
      mutate the svg in-place
      See merge request !1
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      mutate the svg in-place · 5ecf9245
      stuebinm authored
      this changes the update() function to mutate the svg in-place instead of
      re-serialising and then letting the browser re-parse it each time, which
      avoids (a) having to copy the entire svg object (including the font blob
      as string) and (b) having to first serialise and then parse it
      again (also including the blob).
      The result is text editing with no discernable delay while typing.
      This does mean that the svg is now embedded directly and may e.g. share
      its id namespace, though that doesn't appear to be a problem with the
      current template and also shouldn't be a problem in general as long as
      the svg itself isn't user-generated.
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